2018 Print Exhibition Results

Winchester Photographic Society’s 84th Annual Print Exhibition 2018

Results of the 2018 Print Exhibition

The Judges  
Martin Fry FRPS EFIAP 


Class A – BeginnersCliff Pinn Trophy   
Ref.AuthorImage TitleAward
A004Brian HollowayPlaying with FireWinner – Cliff Pinn Trophy
A003Brian Holloway10:05 to WeymouthCertificate of Merit
A017Dan CowenLone WolfCertificate of Merit
A019Sue BirtwistleShips of the DesertCertificate of Merit
A027Helen OttonWatching OutCertificate of Merit
A028Helen OttonGreen and WhiteCertificate of Merit
A030Bryce RichardsonChrist in Glory – Coventry CathedralCertificate of Merit
A001Bernice HillNewsbite 
A014Stephanie PattersonChilling 
A016Dan CowenOn the Prowl 
A032Bob AllenDingle reflections 
A033Bob AllenWight light 
Class B – Set of ThreeChallenge Trophy   
Ref.AuthorImage TitleAward
B002Stephen Green LRPSPerth Arena Facade DetailsWinner – Challenge Trophy
B001Sarah Louise Townley LRPSStill Life with Wine, Apples & LemonCertificate of Merit
B016Peter Whieldon ARPS DPAGBTree Frogs in RainCertificate of Merit
B021Roger Dixey ARPS DPAGB BPE2*Storm over the LighthouseCertificate of Merit
B008Jan HedgerGood Day Out on the Watercress Line 
B014Rafael PascualCalatrava’s Reflections 
Class C – Free SubjectDJ Cup   
Ref.AuthorImage TitleAward
C091Janette Mary LloydPortuguese BookshopWinner – DJ Cup
C006Sarah Louise Townley LRPSThree BeaglesCertificate of Merit
C053Viv Brett LRPSStillnessCertificate of Merit
C083Gordon Brown ARPSView from Broadway TowerCertificate of Merit
C087David McKibbin LRPSGuarding the WayCertificate of Merit
C092Janette Mary LloydIn the GalleryCertificate of Merit
C103Roger Dixey ARPS DPAGB BPE2*The RescueCertificate of Merit
C005Sarah Louise Townley LRPSMarina Bay, Singapore 
C012Barbara Lambert CPAGBRipples at Dawn 
C016Anne Ruffell ARPS DPAGBThe Potter, Rajasthan 
C034Jill North LRPSForbidding Earth 
C036Alison Cawley ARPS DPAGB EFIAP BPE1*Three Graces 
C045Corinne KozokBasking in the Sunshine – Antarctica 
C048Mike LaneLife Will Find a Way 
C057Gavin Bowyer LRPSDancing Free in Paris 
C064Dawn Blight LRPSWhippets in the Sun 
C067Trevor Davies LRPSFirst Light Through the Window 
C071Jeff Johnson LRPSCasting Shadows 
C077Lilian Mary Hobbs LRPSAndromeda Galaxy 
C086Gordon Brown ARPSStorm Ophelia Arrives 
C090David McKibbin LRPSParasol Ramps 
C097Roger Clark ARPSJumbo Chapatis 
C101Nick Townley LRPSThe Missing Fishermen 
C102Eric Blake LRPSTulip Stairs 
Class D – Taken in HampshireHampshire Chronicle Bowl   
Ref.AuthorImage TitleAward
D018Jill North LRPSWinchester Cathedral RoofWinner – Hampshire Chronicle Bowl
D002Sarah Louise Townley LRPSOld PortsmouthCertificate of Merit
D005Stephen Green LRPSSmoke Break – Durley Flower ShowCertificate of Merit
D024Alex Fyfe DPAGBCathedral MakeoverCertificate of Merit
D045David McKibbin LRPSPeninsula Barracks Reflected at DawnCertificate of Merit
D049Robin ShawCars for ExportCertificate of Merit
D053Nick Townley LRPSSouthampton DocksCertificate of Merit
D006Stephen Green LRPSNightfall Fawley Refinery 
D007Stephen Green LRPSHarvest in Durley 
D014Louise Brown LRPSJuniors Waiting to Be Judged – Alresford Show 
D015Louise Brown LRPSHamble ‘Pink’ Ferry Terminal at Warsash 
D019Alison Cawley ARPS DPAGB EFIAP BPE1*New Forest Pony in Winter 
D030Trevor Davies LRPSFrosty Behind (New Forest) 
D034Helen OttonAutumn Drive Through the New Forest 
D038Rafael PascualSpring in Micheldever Woods 
D042Gordon Brown ARPSTrawling by the Refinery 
D043Gordon Brown ARPSWalking the Dog in the Shadow of Fawley 
D052Bryce RichardsonMottisfont Abbey 
D054Nick Townley LRPSCriterium Corner 
D055Eric Blake LRPSSouthampton Docks 
Class E – Human PortraitPyne Medal   
Ref.AuthorImage TitleAward
E004Sarah Louise Townley LRPSHomage to Steve McCurry – Afghan GirlWinner – Pyne Medal
E006Stephen Green LRPSHappy RastaCertificate of Merit
E008Stephen Green LRPSSistersCertificate of Merit
E012Anne Ruffell ARPS DPAGBRajasthan WidowCertificate of Merit
E027Mike LaneJoshuaCertificate of Merit
E039David McKibbin LRPSAn Artist’s Tribute to His DadCertificate of Merit
E043Eric Blake LRPSI Love SteamCertificate of Merit
E005Sarah Louise Townley LRPSGypsy Ma 
E028Viv Brett LRPSReady for the Wedding, Transylvania 
E030Viv Brett LRPSBerber Donkey Man, Morocco 
E031Gavin Bowyer LRPSA Hundred Years of Worry Lines 
E034Gavin Bowyer LRPSFallen Angel 
E040David McKibbin LRPSAlexa 
E047Lynette ClarkVietnamese Lady 
Class F – NatureKing Alfred Cup   
Ref.AuthorImage TitleAward
F044Roger Clark ARPSKing Penguin’s Egg TransferWinner – King Alfred Cup
F006Stephen Green LRPSGrey HeronCertificate of Merit
F018Mike LaneBand of Cheetah Brothers, KenyaCertificate of Merit
F022Gavin Bowyer LRPSSurfacing HippoCertificate of Merit
F025Gavin Bowyer LRPSIn Touch with MotherCertificate of Merit
F026Trevor Davies LRPSEmerging KingfisherCertificate of Merit
F027Trevor Davies LRPSBengal Tiger at First LightCertificate of Merit
F001Sarah Louise Townley LRPSRedwing on Cotoneaster 
F004Stephen Green LRPSPied Stilt Feeding 
F005Stephen Green LRPSGannet Nest Building 
F023Gavin Bowyer LRPSSpecial Love 
F028Trevor Davies LRPSPreening Kingfisher 
F038Peter Whieldon ARPS DPAGBLittle Owls in Snow 
F047Roger Clark ARPSEmperor Penguin Chatterbox Chicks 
Class G – StreetRobert Moore Trophy   
Ref.AuthorImage TitleAward
G001Sarah Louise Townley LRPSMad Man, Ha NoiWinner – Robert Moore Trophy
G003Stephen Green LRPSWashday CasablancaCertificate of Merit
G030Gavin Bowyer LRPSRoller Skating Twins, HanoiCertificate of Merit
G031Gavin Bowyer LRPSFish Market, VietnamCertificate of Merit
G039David McKibbin LRPSMixed EmotionsCertificate of Merit
G040David McKibbin LRPSNightlife CameosCertificate of Merit
G043Ron Foulkes ARPS CPAGBNot My ArtworkCertificate of Merit
G004Stephen Green LRPSCaribbean Corner Shop 
G016Jill North LRPSPisa in the Rain 
G018Pat Goodall LRPSMuralist, Dog and Pigeon, Valparaiso 
G036Gordon Brown ARPSThe Great Hall, Queen’s House, Greenwich 
G037David McKibbin LRPSEyeing Up the Opposition 
G042Ron Foulkes ARPS CPAGBStill in Training 
G047Eric Blake LRPSCheers 
Class H – ActionRonald Toms Trophy   
Ref.AuthorImage TitleAward
H024Gavin Bowyer LRPSCheetah SprintsWinner – Ronald Toms Trophy
H002Sarah Louise Townley LRPSFontwell RacingCertificate of Merit
H006Stephen Green LRPSSuper BikeCertificate of Merit
H007Barbara Lambert CPAGBThe RescueCertificate of Merit
H022Gavin Bowyer LRPSGrand JetéCertificate of Merit
H035Gordon Brown ARPSJake Takes Them onCertificate of Merit
H046Lynette ClarkThe Potter’s HandsCertificate of Merit
H004Stephen Green LRPSThruxton Truck Racing 
H008Martin Farrow ARPSScoooot! 
H011Alison Cawley ARPS DPAGB EFIAP BPE1*A Sense of Foreboding 
H030Sarah Strange LRPSTaking the Bend 
H038David McKibbin LRPSThe Blacksmith’s Blow 
Class I – Straight Out of the CameraDiscovery Trophy  
Ref.AuthorImage TitleAward
I039Janette Mary LloydEmpty RoomWinner – Discovery Trophy
I011Martin Farrow ARPSCrowingCertificate of Merit
I019Sue BirtwistleLast Boat HomeCertificate of Merit
I038David McKibbin LRPSBrummie SilhouetteCertificate of Merit
I043Roger Clark ARPSCold CallingCertificate of Merit
I004Stephen Green LRPSWave Rock, Western Australia 
I006Barbara Lambert CPAGBA Town of Many Colours 
I026Helen OttonPast its Best 
I031Lilian Mary Hobbs LRPSResting After Lunch 
I036David McKibbin LRPSWalking the Lines 
I040Ron Foulkes ARPS CPAGBTuscany in October 
I042Roger Clark ARPSAll Fired Up 
Class J – MonochromeJubilee Cup   
Ref.AuthorImage TitleAward
J010Anne Ruffell ARPS DPAGBThe Cobbler, RajasthanWinner – Jubilee Cup
J011Martin Farrow ARPSFalling TideCertificate of Merit
J067David McKibbin LRPSReady for the Street PartyCertificate of Merit
J068David McKibbin LRPSThe ChaseCertificate of Merit
J077Eric Blake LRPSGreenwich Foot TunnelCertificate of Merit
J079Roger Dixey ARPS DPAGB BPE2*Beach Huts in WinterCertificate of Merit
J082Roger Dixey ARPS DPAGB BPE2*SkulduggeryCertificate of Merit
J001Sarah Louise Townley LRPSSteam Engineer 
J002Sarah Louise Townley LRPSFace Art 
J005Stephen Green LRPSClearing Storm, Haast Pass NZ 
J007Barbara Lambert CPAGBNarcissi 
J013Martin Farrow ARPSWhisp 
J014Martin Farrow ARPSStark Tree 
J020Gay Gardner HopkinsSheringham Station 
J026Jan HedgerArches 1912 
J033Dan CowenGetting Steamy in the Shed 
J038Mike LaneSurvival of the Fittest 
J046Trevor Davies LRPSLoch Oich 
J057Sarah Strange LRPSLa Mamounia, Marrakech 
J058Sarah Strange LRPSGrand Central Station 
J062Peter Whieldon ARPS DPAGBLone Wolf 
J063Gordon Brown ARPSSunday Morning Training 
J069David McKibbin LRPSAiming for the Gap 
J070Janette Mary LloydRoom with a View 
J074Nick Townley LRPSWinchester Cathedral 
J080Roger Dixey ARPS DPAGB BPE2*Teignmouth Pier 
Class K – CreativeFlorence Wilcocks Cup   
Ref.AuthorImage TitleAward
K025Roger Dixey ARPS DPAGB BPE2*The DropWinner – Florence Wilcocks Cup
K017Pat Goodall LRPSWinchester CathedralCertificate of Merit
K018Anita TaylorTate Modern – Concrete and CurvesCertificate of Merit
K003Barbara Lambert CPAGBTransformation 
K021Helen OttonInto the Woods 
K022Helen OttonWatercolours 
K026Roger Dixey ARPS DPAGB BPE2*Freedom to Roam 
K027Roger Dixey ARPS DPAGB BPE2*The Enchanted Wood 




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