WNE 2021 Rules For Entry

Rules for Entry

WNE 2021 Rules for Entry
  1. The Organisers are Winchester Photographic Society (WPS).
  2. Entrants: Entry is open to any photographer, amateur or professional, who is resident in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, isle of Man, and also BFPO addresses.
  3. Entry Method: Entry is by digital upload only via Winchester Photographic Society’s website. Entries will be accepted between 1 May and 30 June 2021 or midnight after the 3000th entry is received, whichever is sooner. Entries must include payment of the appropriate entry fee, either by Paypal at the time of submission or by cheque.
    You do not have to complete your entire exhibition entry in one session. Our software allows you to upload images, save them and return at a later date (within the entry period!) to amend/delete/add more images.
    Please take care to enter your personal details accurately, as these will be printed in the catalogue exactly as entered.
  4. Entry Fee: £1.50 per image; minimum fee of £6.00.
    Payable via Paypal or cheque made payable to Winchester Photographic Society and sent to WPS Treasurer, 17 Gillingham Close, Kings Worthy, Winchester SO23 7RL.
  5. Classes: There are five classes:
    • Pictorial Colour: Colour Images on any subject and of any style will be judged on pictorial merit (i.e. the use of the photographic medium as an art form). The emphasis is on interest, visual impact, composition and technical excellence. Images may be manipulated in camera or on the computer, but ‘altered reality’ images that have been visibly manipulated should be submitted in the Creative section
    • Pictorial Monochrome: Monochrome Images (one colour plus white) on any subject and of any style will be judged on pictorial merit (i.e. the use of the photographic medium as an art form). The emphasis is on interest, visual impact, composition and technical excellence. Images may be manipulated in camera or on the computer, but ‘altered reality’ images that have been visibly manipulated should be submitted in the Creative section.
    • Scapes: Land, sea or urban views. People or animals may be included but should not form the main subject of the image
    • Nature: Depiction of all branches of natural history as defined in the common FIAP/PSA/RPS Nature Definition, January 2015.
    • Creative: Any subject, including abstract images abstract and ‘altered reality’ images
  6. Number of Entries: You may enter up to three images per class, with a maximum of ten images in total. A single image cannot be entered in more than one class. During selection, your images will be distributed equally through four rounds so your images will not be seen one after another.
  7. Images:
    • The image must not exceed 1920 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high.
    • The file must be in JPEG format only
    • An embedded colour profile is recommended, usually sRGB or Adobe 1998
    • Titles are required and will accompany your image in the exhibition and in the catalogue; in view of this, please take time to check the accuracy of your title
    • Identification of the photographer is not permitted anywhere in the image itself or in the title
    • Please do not add any unnecessary borders to your image. Black borders serve no purpose for digital projection while white borders can distract the eye from the image. A thin stroke-border around the image is acceptable
    • If your images do not meet the specification above they may not display exactly as you would wish or we may not be able to judge them.
  8. Similar Images: You may not enter identical images or images so similar as to be deemed identical. You may not enter an image accepted in a previous Winchester National Exhibition (even in a different class) or one so similar as to be almost identical.
  9. Manipulation of Images (applies to all classes except Nature and, to some extent, Pictorial): All types of creative in-camera and post-production editing and manipulation are allowed. This includes panoramic stitching, HDR, filters, multiple images or layers, artwork and computer graphics, as long as the original photographic content predominates and is the work solely of the photographer. No third-party clip-art images, textures or overlays are permitted.
  10. Copyright: Entrants must own the copyright of all elements of their images and may be asked to provide suitable evidence – failure to do so may result in disqualification. By entering an image, the photographer gives permission for the organisers to reproduce their image, without fee, for publication and/or display in any media in connection with the exhibition, for example in the catalogue, on the Society’s website or for publicity in subsequent years’ exhibitions. Copyright of the entered images remains with the photographer. He/she must accept that his/her work could be downloaded from the organisers’ website; the organisers will do their best to protect the copyright of the image when viewed on the website by making the image file size as small as possible.
  11. Good Faith: All entries are accepted in good faith. The entrant agrees to indemnify the judges, exhibition organisers and other related parties against any litigation that may arise if entered images do not have the necessary permissions to be published in exhibition-related documents or on any website associated with the exhibition.
  12. Judges: The team of three experienced exhibition judges will assess the images and jointly select the winner in each class and, at their discretion, award a number of certificates of merit and other awards. The organisers or judges may decide to exclude from the exhibition any images that, in their opinion, appear not to comply with these rules or that are deemed to be offensive. The judges’ decisions are final.
  13. Awards: In addition to the overall winner of each class and various certificates of merit, within each class there will also be awarded three Judges’ Commendations, and ‘Best Image from a WPS Member’.
  14. Results: Entrants will be notified of their results by email at the end of July 2021.
  15. Acceptances: Entrants whose images are accepted for exhibition will receive an acceptance card. Winners of awards above Certificate of Merit will be invited to the Winchester Photographic Society’s Presentation & Awards Evening, at which they will receive personalised certificates and awards as appropriate. Winners who are unable to attend will receive their certificates and awards by post.
  16. Catalogue: We will post an electronic catalogue in CD format to all entrants following the Presentation & Awards Evening.
  17. Exhibition of Images: A selection of the accepted images will be projected at the Presentation & Awards Evening at Winchester Photographic Society in September 2021, and the full exhibition will be viewable online via Winchester Photographic Society’s website www.winphotosoc.uk from September to December 2021.
  18. Data Protection: Entrants’ contact details will be kept on file for future mailing of exhibition information and for no other purpose.
  19. Acceptance of Rules of Entry: The submission of entries will be taken as acceptance of these Rules of Entry.



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