WPS Annual Exhibition 2020

WPS Annual Exhibition: Please Enter Now!

Yes! Really!

We may not have created a cure for the virus, but we have found a way to hold the WPS Members Annual Exhibition in 2020 – with a difference!

It will run as a Digital Image Exhibition, hosted on the web site of the Hampshire Cultural Trust, continuing our close working relationship with them. They usually host our physical exhibition at their excellent gallery in the Discovery Centre; now they will host our virtual exhibition in the “Culture on Call” section of their web site at http://www.hampshireculture.org.uk/culture-on-call, and on the same schedule as originally planned. If you browse this site, you can see their current exhibition from the upstairs gallery as well as many other local offerings. We are, of course, very grateful to HCT.

Under foreseeable circumstances, this is one of the few opportunities to get your work seen by an audience beyond our society, so I do hope you will take advantage of it.

To enter the exhibition, you should upload your digital images on the original WPS web site, much as you would do for a PDI competition, and the upload facility will be available from Monday 20th April to Monday 4th May.

You will be able to enter up to 16 images, with up to four in any one class, and most of the rules are unchanged from those published earlier in the year, but please read the revised Terms and Conditions on the web site carefully.

There are just a few important changes:

  • There will be no Class B – we can’t handle a Set of Three
  • We cannot accept prints, but you may be called on to produce them later.
  • The fee has been reduced to £1 per entry payable directly to Graham Barber, WPS Treasurer

We are very fortunate to have retained the same three excellent judges, who have shown great flexibility by adapting to a new way of working, using the GoToMeeting conferencing technology we have pioneered for our DPI competitions. And we’ve equipped them with a mobile phone application which emulates the keypad on which they can score each image out of five points, speeding up the judging process significantly as we showed in a trial run with the judges last Friday. Steven Cooper has done a tremendous job of developing this application, while Trevor Morecraft has once again worked his magic with electronic conferencing. We owe them both a huge vote of thanks.

Judging will now take place on Friday 8th May, with a very small team. We’re working to a compressed timetable in order to hand over accepted images to Hampshire Cultural Trust from 18th May, so that the exhibition can open on schedule on 23rd May. I should add that I’m hugely grateful to the experienced team who were standing by ready to manage our customary Print Judging Day just before Easter. We can’t use you this year, but we will need you again next year, so please don’t go away!

Hampshire Cultural Trust have also agreed to create a digital catalogue of the exhibition including a brief description of each image (there won’t be a printed catalogue), and to facilitate sales of images in the manner already agreed. If an image of yours is accepted, I will ask you to supply a few words on where it was taken and what it means to you. And if an image of yours sells, you will be asked to supply a mounted print so that HCT can handle the transaction. You will still be able to specify your price, or have your image marked as NFS (Not for Sale), but please e-mail this information to me so that it can be included in the catalogue.

The Annual Exhibition has always been a highlight of our calendar year, except during the Second World War, and we don’t want to miss out this year. So now we’re good to go. Please choose your best images, get busy uploading them, and let’s have a great exhibition!

Geoff Sharman
WPS Exhibition Coordinator

This supersedes WPS Newsflash – Annual Print Exhibition 2020/ which announced that the 2020 Exhibition would not be able to take place as a Print Exhibition

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