WNE 2023 Results

Winchester National Exhibition 2023

The exhibition of accepted images will be available on this website from September (or earlier) to December 2023.

See WNE 2023 Exhibition Galleries

Awards and Acceptances

The results are shown first as searchable and scrollable tables, and then as spreadsheets.


The five classes are

  • Class A – Pictorial Colour
  • Class B – Pictorial Monochrome
  • Class C – Scapes
  • Class D – Creative
  • Class E – Nature

For full details of the classes, see WNE 2023 Rules for Entry

Searchable/sortable/scrollable tables

These two tables show the results for all categories.

The search facility allows you to find all the images by a certain author.

For example

  • searching the Acceptances table on Sheppard would retrieve all the successful submissions by this year’s Pictorial Colour winner.
  • a search on ClassD BPE4* would find you all the accepted images in the Creative class by BPE4* photographers.

WNE 2023 Awards

[table id=15 datatables_scrolly=720px /]

WNE 2023 Acceptances (including awards)

[table id=16 datatables_scrolly=720px /]

Full results spreadsheets


ordered by award and then alphabetical by author last name

Acceptances (including awards)

alphabetical by author last name

Please address any queries to ku.co1716804150sotoh1716804150pniw@1716804150enw1716804150 

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