WNE 2020 Update

Update 13 May 2020: we regret that WNE has been cancelled for 2020. Remote judging for such a large entry has proved impossible.

Winchester National Exhibition 2020 Announcement

In these unprecedented Covid-19 restricted times in which we find ourselves, my team of fellow organising committee members and I have been working hard trying to find a way to still run the WNE 2020.

Clearly, face-to-face judging in the usual manner is not an option.

So we are investigating the evolving remote judging application currently being developed by our software supplier.

We will be carrying out a further trial judging exercise which will more closely simulate the class numbers which we anticipate.

This should allow us to gain confidence that the application will perform reliably on the planned judging day in early July.

Feedback from other exhibitions confirms this remote judging process is slower than usual.

So, to ensure the judging is completed in a single day, entries will be capped at the first 2300 images received.

WNE 2020 Update

To allow time for this testing, we have decided to delay the opening of the exhibition. Entries will be accepted from Saturday 16th May 2020 rather than 1st May as originally announced.All other dates to remain as published.

We hope you will understand this change at short notice and we once again look forward to seeing your images.

Nick Townley
Winchester National Exhibition Coordinator

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