Terms and Conditions 2016 Print Exhibition

Winchester Photographic Society’s 83rd Annual Print Exhibition 2016

Terms and Conditions for the WPS 2016 Print Exhibition

1 EntrantsEntrants must be fully paid up members of Winchester Photographic Society 
2 Cost of EntryCost of entry is £2.00 per image except for Class B which is £2.00 per set. 
3 Number of entries30 images maximum. No more than 4 images per Class except in Class B where only one set may be entered with each set counting as 1 image towards the total number of images. 
4 ImagesAn image must not have been accepted in a previous Winchester Photographic Society exhibition. 
5 CopyrightEntrants must own the copyright of all elements of their images and may be asked to provide suitable evidence – failure to do so may result in disqualification. 
6 EntryNo entry shall be eligible for more than one Class. 
7 MonochromeMonochrome is defined as paper base plus one colour. 
8 Class Rules  
  Class F NatureEntries must conform to the FIAP definition given here. Definitions of Nature and Wildlife on the FIAP website 
  Class G StreetEntries should be an image of life within a public space captured at a decisive or poignant moment. 
  Class H ActionEntries should capture the feeling and notion of movement. 

Class I  Straight out of the Camera

  • Images may be taken in RAW or jpg formats.
  • The use of sliders in RAW converters is permitted.
  • No techniques that add, relocate ,replace or remove pictorial element except by cropping are permitted.
  • The use of digital filters inside or outside the camera (e.g. NIK filters) or image stitching are not permitted.
  • Techniques that remove elements added by the camera such as dust spots and digital noise are permitted.
  • All allowed adjustments must retain the integrity of the original scene as seen by the photographer.
  Class K Creative
  • Images produced through the use of imaginative skill or originality of thought including the altering of reality.
  • All the elements of the image must originate from a camera or scanner and be the copyright of the entrant.
 9 Print Mounts
  • Prints must be mounted on board measuring 40 cm x 50 cm, not exceeding 4mm in overall thickness and clearly marked on the back with the author’s name, the title and the Class.
  • Please note: The Exhibition Coordinator reserves the right to reject any prints mounted in such a way that they may cause damage to another print.
  • All prints that are accepted into the exhibition will be framed for hanging by the organisers.
  • The frames used are unglazed lightweight aluminium, made to take 40 cm x 50 cm mounts with a leeway of a few mm either way.
  • The mounts are held in place with clips that will not damage the mountboard.
10 Judging
  • All entries accepted for the exhibition will be shown to the judges who will jointly select the winners in each Class.
  • Certificates of Merit may also be awarded at the discretion of the judges.
  • The judges have the right to withhold any award in any Class. Their decision is final.
11 Results 
  • Entrants will be notified of their results by the 19th April and the winning entries in each Class will be posted on the Society’s website.
  • Winning entries may also be published in the local press unless requested otherwise by the author to the Exhibition Coordinator.
12 CataloguesAll entrants will receive a catalogue of the exhibition. 
13 Care of entriesEvery care will be taken of the entries but no responsibility can be taken for damage or loss. 
14 AcceptanceThe submission of entries will be taken as acceptance of these Conditions of Entry. 



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