WNE 2022 Results

Winchester National Exhibition 2022

The exhibition of accepted images will be available on this website from September (or earlier) to December 2022.

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Awards and Acceptances

The results are shown first as searchable and scrollable tables, and then as spreadsheets.


The five classes are

  • Class A – Pictorial Colour
  • Class B – Pictorial Monochrome
  • Class C – Scapes
  • Class D – Creative
  • Class E – Nature

For full details of the classes, see WNE 2022 Rules for Entry

Searchable/sortable/scrollable tables

These two tables show the results for all categories.

The search facility allows you to find all the images by a certain author.

For example

  • searching the Acceptances table on Ray Hems would retrieve all the successful submissions by this year’s Pictorial Colour winner.
  • a search on ClassD BPE4* would find you all the accepted images in the Creative class by BPE4* photographers.

WNE 2022 Awards

ClassFull NameImage TitleAwards
ClassARay Hems ARPS DPAGB BPE2*Kite FlyerFirst, Best WPS Image - The Irving Cup
ClassABob Goode ARPS EFIAP/s CPAGB BPE2*Paper CutSecond
ClassAGillian Young DPAGB AFIAP BPE4*Koji SugenoThird
ClassAAlison Dean LRPS BPE2*Flowers and FeathersJudges' Commendation - Brian's choice
ClassANaomi Foster CPAGB BPE1RockyJudges' Commendation - Cherry's choice
ClassAJulie Holbeche-Maund ARPS CPAGB BPE2*LipstickJudges' Commendation - Ralph's choice
ClassAHilary Bailey LRPS CPAGBSilken ShoreCertificate of Merit
ClassAHilary Bailey LRPS CPAGBThe Jute SpinnerCertificate of Merit
ClassACarl CampbellEyes on the PrizeCertificate of Merit
ClassASally Freeman CPAGBSampsonCertificate of Merit
ClassAPatricia Frewin LRPS DPAGB BPE4*Maids BathroomCertificate of Merit
ClassAPaul Giles CPAGB DPAGBFocussed on the JumpCertificate of Merit
ClassADavid Halliburton CPAGB EFIAPEggsplosionCertificate of Merit
ClassAJim Hill CPAGB BPE4*The BlacksmithCertificate of Merit
ClassAMatthew HoarThe Lone RockstarCertificate of Merit
ClassARobert Hume CPAGB BPE3*Eyes on the BallCertificate of Merit
ClassAJeff Kirby LRPS CPAGB AFIAP BPE1*ContemplationCertificate of Merit
ClassAJeff Kirby LRPS CPAGB AFIAP BPE1*Nature's GoldCertificate of Merit
ClassADavid Lyon EFIAP/g DPAGB BPE4*Saving Lives at SeaCertificate of Merit
ClassAHelen Otton LRPS BPE3* CPAGBOne FocusCertificate of Merit
ClassARoger Paxton AFIAPCarnationsCertificate of Merit
ClassAJohn Phillips BPE3*The Lost ShoeCertificate of Merit
ClassAMick Schilling CPAGB BPE1*Heading Out to See GrandmaCertificate of Merit
ClassAPaul Screen BPE4* CPAGBCrashing ThroughCertificate of Merit
ClassASue Sibley ARPS DPAGB EFIAP/b BPE4*Frame and WashCertificate of Merit
ClassAJohn Simpson BPE2* CPAGBBurnham LighthouseCertificate of Merit
ClassADavid Stephenson BPE4* FDPS EFIAP ARPSBoring Farmers MarketCertificate of Merit
ClassAChristine Tidman EFIAPb CPAGB AWPF BPE3*Blue HyacinthsCertificate of Merit
ClassAKen Wade DPAGB BPE5* LRPSUnder PressureCertificate of Merit
ClassAAlan Walker MPAGB ARPS BPE4* MPSAContrastCertificate of Merit
ClassACarol Watson BPE5* DPAGBFaded RosesCertificate of Merit
ClassAGillian Young DPAGB AFIAP BPE4*Deep FocusCertificate of Merit
ClassAPhilip Young CPAGB BPE1* DPAGB BPE2*Family JourneyCertificate of Merit
ClassBAnthony Woods LRPS CPAGBHer Name is EmilyFirst
ClassBDavid Lyon EFIAP/g DPAGB BPE4*A Rough Fishing TripSecond
ClassBBob Goode ARPS EFIAP/s CPAGB BPE2*CurlThird
ClassBDavid Sadler ARPS DPAGB EFIAP/g BPE4*Woman and BabyJudges' Commendation - Brian's choice
ClassBJohn Paul Coe BPE3*It's MineJudges' Commendation - Cherry's choice
ClassBDavid Travis ARPS BPE3*The CommuterJudges' Commendation - Ralph's choice
ClassBTony Cowburn ARPS BPE2*Bank Holiday MondayBest WPS Image - Walton Salver
ClassBSinclair Adair LRPS CPAGB BPE*An Age of InnocenceCertificate of Merit
ClassBNicholas Alston ARPS CPAGB BPE1*Glancing BlowCertificate of Merit
ClassBJane Barrett LRPS DPAGB BPE4*StrengthCertificate of Merit
ClassBPam BennettA Place in the SunCertificate of Merit
ClassBAndy BridgeAuditorium De TenerifeCertificate of Merit
ClassBMichele Campbell BPE2*Little BallerinaCertificate of Merit
ClassBCaroline Claye BPE2*Mysterious GirlCertificate of Merit
ClassBAlan Cork DPAGB AFIAP BPE2* PPSAEnigmaticCertificate of Merit
ClassBAlan Cork DPAGB AFIAP BPE2* PPSASilver Birch and Copse BieiCertificate of Merit
ClassBTeresa DavidsonCross and Church, GimsoyCertificate of Merit
ClassBBarry Dickinson DPAGB AFIAP PPSA BPE3*Praying PrisonerCertificate of Merit
ClassBBarry Dickinson DPAGB AFIAP PPSA BPE3*What Lies BeyondCertificate of Merit
ClassBChris EvansMr Big ShotCertificate of Merit
ClassBRoger Geldard DPAGB BPE5*Eagle in a SnowstormCertificate of Merit
ClassBTom Glancz EFIAP BPE3* CPAGB PSA3*Eyes on the BallCertificate of Merit
ClassBCheryl Greenwood LRPS BPE2*Dinner for OneCertificate of Merit
ClassBLynda Haney DPAGB ABPE EFIAPMummy Mummy MummyCertificate of Merit
ClassBRosemary Hughes LIPFLilianneCertificate of Merit
ClassBSteve Johnson CPAGB BPE2*Jake DixonCertificate of Merit
ClassBHelen Jones ARPS DPAGBChallenge and DefendCertificate of Merit
ClassBE J Lazenby LRPS BPE4* DPAGB EFIAPAscendCertificate of Merit
ClassBKen Lester BPE3* DPAGB AWPFLooking AheadCertificate of Merit
ClassBTony Ng BPE5* AFIAPShooCertificate of Merit
ClassBKeith Palmer LRPSGotham CityCertificate of Merit
ClassBRoy Peters AWPF CPAGB BPE1*Is It Good NewsCertificate of Merit
ClassBRoy Peters AWPF CPAGB BPE1*The Maths TeacherCertificate of Merit
ClassBJohn Phillips BPE3*IssueCertificate of Merit
ClassBAndy Polakowski DPAGB EFIAP/g BPE5* AWPFSad FaceCertificate of Merit
ClassBGlenn Porter AWPF ARPS EFIAP/b BPE2*No Way inCertificate of Merit
ClassBSue Sibley ARPS DPAGB EFIAP/b BPE4*Hazel and PoppiesCertificate of Merit
ClassBMaureen Toft Efiap/D3 FBPE Mpagb MpsaTree ScapeCertificate of Merit
ClassBRichard Towell DPAGB BPE3*DeterminedCertificate of Merit
ClassBAlan Young FRPS EFIAP/d1 ABPE DPAGBErcoleCertificate of Merit
ClassBGillian Young DPAGB AFIAP BPE4*Valencia Car Park EntranceCertificate of Merit
ClassCDavid Stephenson BPE4* FDPS EFIAP ARPSBudir Church and Grave YardFirst
ClassCDavid Boam LRPS BPE3* CPAGBShardenfreudeSecond
ClassCJohn Simpson BPE2* CPAGBWinter in NorwayThird
ClassCWilliam Allen DPAGB BPE3*Concrete JungleJudges' Commendation - Brian's choice
ClassCAnthony Oliver ARPS CPAGB BPE4*After the FireJudges' Commendation - Cherry's choice
ClassCColin Mill BPE3*The Old CroftJudges' Commendation - Ralph's choice
ClassCAdrian Binney LRPS CPAGB PPSAGrand Tetons in AutumnBest WPS Image - Pendreigh Cup
ClassCNick Akers ARPS BPE3*Arctic DawnCertificate of Merit
ClassCDavid Boam LRPS BPE3* CPAGBCity on the Edge of ForeverCertificate of Merit
ClassCSue Critchlow ARPS DPAGB BPE4* AFIAPVestrahorn at SunsetCertificate of Merit
ClassCWayne Davey DPAGB BPE3*Etive MorCertificate of Merit
ClassCAlison Dean LRPS BPE2*Hellnar RainbowCertificate of Merit
ClassCChris EvansThe Mighty TryfanCertificate of Merit
ClassCPatricia Frewin LRPS DPAGB BPE4*Autumn LeavesCertificate of Merit
ClassCChris Gledhill CPAGB EFIAP/sSunrise at Vestrahorn, IcelandCertificate of Merit
ClassCMark Glenister BPE2*Hebridean DreamCertificate of Merit
ClassCBruce Harley LRPS EFIAP CPAGB BPE3*Reflected GloryCertificate of Merit
ClassCKen Lester BPE3* DPAGB AWPFWinters Morning at Llyn PadarnCertificate of Merit
ClassCSteve LobleyIceflow ReflectionCertificate of Merit
ClassCTony Mulvenna LRPS AFIAP CPAGB BPE3*Empty SkyCertificate of Merit
ClassCChristine Tidman EFIAPb CPAGB AWPF BPE3*View from the Burj KhalifaCertificate of Merit
ClassCCarol Watson BPE5* DPAGBFoggy Morning Rydal WaterCertificate of Merit
ClassDMaureen SmithEgg HeadsFirst
ClassDDarren Pullman EFIAP CPAGB BPE3*No Title RequiredSecond
ClassDCaroline Claye BPE2*Alone with MyselfThird
ClassDCyd Alan HindleA Little Light MusicJudges' Commendation - Brian's choice
ClassDJulie Holbeche-Maund ARPS CPAGB BPE2*Vase with Field MouseJudges' Commendation - Cherry's choice
ClassDCarole WetherleyWe Love Coffee MonoJudges' Commendation - Ralph's choice
ClassDHelen Otton LRPS BPE3* CPAGBForgot the CamouflageBest WPS Image - Wykeham Cup
ClassDHilary Bailey LRPS CPAGBLa Vie En RoseCertificate of Merit
ClassDTim Balls BPE1*Evening WalkCertificate of Merit
ClassDBob CollisCrocus CrowdCertificate of Merit
ClassDJohn DawkinsLight Painting 7 22-02-22Certificate of Merit
ClassDChris EvansBlowing Your MindCertificate of Merit
ClassDJackie Gillman BPE2* CPAGBEchoesCertificate of Merit
ClassDKaren GourlayTwisted ForksCertificate of Merit
ClassDBruce Harley LRPS EFIAP CPAGB BPE3*TramwayCertificate of Merit
ClassDWendy Irwin ARPS CPAGB BPE1*Humphreys Animal CollectionCertificate of Merit
ClassDRobert Jones EFIAP/p BPE5* LRPSIn Those Parisienne DaysCertificate of Merit
ClassDRobert Jones EFIAP/p BPE5* LRPSThe Last SupperCertificate of Merit
ClassDJan Lunn ARPS CPAGBThe Last BiscuitCertificate of Merit
ClassDEileen Murray EFIAP/G ABPE DPAGBPoetry in MotionCertificate of Merit
ClassDTony North DPAGB BPE5*Rainy CityCertificate of Merit
ClassDRichard O'Meara DPAGB BPE3*The Pecking OrderCertificate of Merit
ClassDRichard O'Meara DPAGB BPE3*Worsel Loses HeartCertificate of Merit
ClassDDavid Shardlow LRPS BPE1*Plus 1 Degree - Tipping PointCertificate of Merit
ClassDGraeme Wales LRPS CPAGB BPE1*Wildfire AftermathCertificate of Merit
ClassDHarry Wentworth ARPS EFIAP BPE5* LSWPPThe Fish WhispererCertificate of Merit
ClassERichard SellsPolar Bear Spin DryFirst
ClassEClare Beech BPE2*Pairing Red Soldier BeetlesSecond
ClassESteve LobleyGreen Sea TurtleThird
ClassEStephen MallenderMantisJudges' Commendation - Brian's choice
ClassEDavid OsseltonRed Squirrell in Snow StormJudges' Commendation - Cherry's choice
ClassEJohn Simpson BPE2* CPAGBElephant Family StrollJudges' Commendation - Ralph's choice
ClassEHelen Otton LRPS BPE3* CPAGBPalm Pit Viper in RainforestBest WPS Image - Duma Trophy
ClassEKath Aggiss BPE5*Fish Eagle with CatchCertificate of Merit
ClassEGill Brett LRPS CPAGB BPE3*Rhagio TringariusCertificate of Merit
ClassETrevor Clifford ARPS BPE2*Brown HareCertificate of Merit
ClassEJohn Paul Coe BPE3*Mountain HareCertificate of Merit
ClassEFerg Cowhig EFIAP DPAGB BPE4*Willet with FishCertificate of Merit
ClassEFerg Cowhig EFIAP DPAGB BPE4*Willet with FoodCertificate of Merit
ClassEBarry Dickinson DPAGB AFIAP PPSA BPE3*Chameleon Hunting PreyCertificate of Merit
ClassERoger Geldard DPAGB BPE5*Reddish Egret with FishCertificate of Merit
ClassERoger Geldard DPAGB BPE5*The One That Got AwayCertificate of Merit
ClassEMark Glenister BPE2*Shortie in the RainCertificate of Merit
ClassESue Green ARPS DPAGB BPE3*Squabbling Junior StarlingsCertificate of Merit
ClassECheryl Greenwood LRPS BPE2*Polar Bear on IceCertificate of Merit
ClassERichard Hainsworth LRPS EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE3*Mating FliesCertificate of Merit
ClassELynda Haney DPAGB ABPE EFIAPStarling DisputeCertificate of Merit
ClassETim Hearn AFIAP DPAGBDark Green Fritillary on Common Spotted OrchidCertificate of Merit
ClassEChristine Holt DPAGB LRPS BPE2*Resting FlyCertificate of Merit
ClassEMagda Jowers BPE1*Heron in the DaytimeCertificate of Merit
ClassECharles Kidd EFIAP DPAGB BPE3Jays SharingCertificate of Merit
ClassEJeff Kirby LRPS CPAGB AFIAP BPE1*Barn Owl - Prey LocatedCertificate of Merit
ClassETrevor Lane LRPS DPAGB BPE5*Bee-Eater Tossing DragonflyCertificate of Merit
ClassEJamie Macarthur DPAGBSquabbling Juvenile White-Tailed EaglesCertificate of Merit
ClassETony Mulvenna LRPS AFIAP CPAGB BPE3*Testing the WaterCertificate of Merit
ClassETony North DPAGB BPE5*Orange Tips on Forget-Me-NotCertificate of Merit
ClassEAndy Polakowski DPAGB EFIAP/g BPE5* AWPFYellow Tang in Bubble CoralCertificate of Merit
ClassEKeith Polwin ARPS DPAGB BPE5*Meigenia sp Tachinid FlyCertificate of Merit
ClassEMike Rowe FRPS DPAGB BPE5*Long-Legged FlyCertificate of Merit
ClassEPaul Screen BPE4* CPAGBFeeding CuckooCertificate of Merit
ClassEPaul Screen BPE4* CPAGBKingfisher, Fishing in the RainCertificate of Merit
ClassESteve Smith FRPS MPAGBGannet with Nesting MaterialsCertificate of Merit
ClassEJim Stevenson EFIAP BPE3* QPSA CPAGBTern DisputeCertificate of Merit
ClassEGillian Steyn BPE3* DPAGB PPSAKestrel Landing on PostCertificate of Merit
ClassEAlan Walker MPAGB ARPS BPE4* MPSAFishing Through the IceCertificate of Merit
ClassECharles Whitfield King DPAGB BPE5*Brown Hare RunningCertificate of Merit
ClassEAllan Wild BPE1* CPAGBSmall Skipper on Meadow CranesbillCertificate of Merit
ClassEAndrea Wilson CPAGB BPE1*Mating Dung FliesCertificate of Merit

WNE 2022 Acceptances (including awards)

ClassFull NameImage TitleAwards
ClassAPeter Adams FIPF DPAGB BPE4*The Torment of Eurydice
ClassAKath Aggiss BPE5*Rounding Up the Herd
ClassAChristine AlexanderStreet Style
ClassAAnita Ashworth LRPSThe Beauty
ClassAHilary Bailey LRPS CPAGBIced Rose
ClassAHilary Bailey LRPS CPAGBSilken ShoreCertificate of Merit
ClassAHilary Bailey LRPS CPAGBThe Jute SpinnerCertificate of Merit
ClassAJanine Ball FRPS DPAGB BPE4* AFIAPFlour Power
ClassAStephen Ball LRPS CPAGBBritish Super Bikes Yamaha
ClassAStephen Ball LRPS CPAGBLight Tunnel
ClassATim Balls BPE1*Podium
ClassAPhilip Barker ARPS CPAGB BPE4*Sky-Rider
ClassAJane Barrett LRPS DPAGB BPE4*Dark Potions
ClassAJanice Barton CPAGB BPE4*Little Madams
ClassAJanice Barton CPAGB BPE4*Time for a Story
ClassASteve Batchelor CPAGB BPE1*Masai Classroom
ClassANick Berentzen BPE3* CPAGBRetro Rob
ClassAPaul Berkeley ARPS CPAGBKeeping Fit
ClassAPeter Bond BPE1*Daydreaming
ClassAColin Bradshaw BPE5* DPAGB AFIAP PPSA26 Kicking Up the Dirt
ClassAGavin Brand BPE1*The Battle for First
ClassAGill Brett LRPS CPAGB BPE3*Golden Larch
ClassAAndy BridgeGame Set & Match Miss Raducanu
ClassAAndy BridgeJudging Miss Raducanu
ClassADavid Brown ARPS EFIAP CPAGBDunlin Prowling
ClassAAndrew BuchananBattling It Out
ClassAAndrew BuchananPutting the World to Right
ClassAKen Bunch CPAGB BPE4*The Pharaoh's Daughter
ClassACarl CampbellA Tender Moment
ClassACarl CampbellEyes on the PrizeCertificate of Merit
ClassALaurie Campbell AFIAP AIPF DPAGBBrown Eyed Girl
ClassAMichele Campbell BPE2*Little Boy Lost
ClassAMichele Campbell BPE2*Teachers Pet
ClassAMichele Campbell BPE2*Whiz Kid
ClassAPaul Campbell CPAGB BPE4*Fluid Movement
ClassAPaul Campbell CPAGB BPE4*Letter of Defiance
ClassAGriffiths CarolHangin' Around
ClassABryan Cherry CPAGB BPE2*The Violinist
ClassACaroline Claye BPE2*Life is Not a Bowl of