Annual Exhibition 2022 Scoring


2022 Annual Exhibition Terms and Conditions for detailed rules and definitions of the eleven classes.

2022 Annual Exhibition Results for a list of award winners and accepted images

2022 Annual Exhibition Gallery to view all accepted images including award winners.


  • Paul Mitchell FRPS
  • Ashley Francis CPAGB
  • Derek Gale LRPS

Scoring Process for 2022

The three judges received a link to view all the valid entries (521) prior to judging. This was done in lieu of a “run through” of each class on judging day.

On judging day each judge scored the images sequentially. They were asked to mark each image between 0 and 5, defined as follows:

5: “deserves an award”
4: “certainly deserves to be exhibited”
3: “competent image”
2: “no particular merit”
1: “do not show”
0: if you regard the image as being inappropriate for the exhibition category

The scores were noted manually. Any images which scored 5 from any judge, or 12 in total were shown again at the conclusion of each class, so that the judges could agree on a class winner and award any certificates of merit.

Scores were summed and collated.

Selection Process

The Beginners class acceptance score was set at 10 – thus the accepted images scored “certainly deserves to be exhibited” from at least one judge.

The acceptance standard for all other classes was 11 – thus the accepted images scored “certainly deserves to be exhibited” from at least two judges.

That yielded 134 images (remembering that a set of three constitutes 3 images) to be hung.

I then checked back with HCT and agreed that we could accommodate just a few more images.

So I went back and reviewed the images that had been submitted by photographers who had not been successful in the process thus far.

I then selected a further 6 images, one from each photographer who had scored a 10 (but had not had an image accepted) – thus these accepted images scored “certainly deserves to be exhibited” from at least one judge; hence I felt that our standards were maintained, and member representation was expanded to 53 photographers out of the 56 who had submitted images.

We ended up with 123 acceptances – 139 images – from 53 members of WPS.

Members who would like to know their own individual scores may contact me and I will email them personally with their results in due course.

Judges’ summary

The judges each commended us on the standard of work presented, and indeed Derek Gale took to the UK Club Photography Facebook Group to praise us, without naming us, for the standards and for putting on a “real” exhibition.

Well done all who entered, and I look forward to you being able to see our Winchester Photographic Society Annual Exhibition

Gavin Bowyer
March 2022

Please contact Gavin Bowyer WPS Print Exhibition Coordinator via ku.co1716791741sotoh1716791741pniw@1716791741ofnin1716791741oitib1716791741ihxe1716791741 for further information.

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