Photography News Competition Round 3

Photography News Camera Club of the Year (competition)

Only a few days to go.

The round 3 closing date is Saturday 28th February 2015

This month’s theme is Close up

Logon and then go to competitions and click on the second item “Photography News Competition PDI upload”

Photography News, the free paper that we get at the club, has launched a competition for camera clubs.  The first prize is a Canon projector and a workshop with David Noton.

The competition runs over five months with a different theme each month that each photograph will be judged against.  Each club will be asked to submit five images from five different photgraphers in their membership.  The newspaper’s judges will mark each image out of 20 giving the club a score out of 100.  At the end of the five competitons the club with the most points will win the prize.  

The Competition Secretary

Information that might be helpful.

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